Inappropriate Apps for Middle Schoolers

Becca Lewis, Staff

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There are many inappropriate apps in this time and anyone with a smartphone has access to them.  Some popular apps at this time include Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.  Since many adults are making these apps very popular,  many kids that are too young for the apps are downloading them.   

On apps like Snapchat you can send people pictures of yourself and other people.  Many adults use this in a bad way.  Many kids are using this to their advantage as well.  Since after you post something on your story it isn’t there the next day, many users think if they post inappropriate pictures then they won’t get seen again and they are safe, but truth is someone might screenshot that picture and keep it on their phone.

“Yes I think that many middle schoolers have inappropriate apps on their phones.” said Skyler Martinson.  

There are apps out there that let parents see what there kids are doing or where they are, but kids can still find ways to delete the history of what they have been doing or lock the app with a password so that their parents can’t access it.  Some parents ignore what their kids do on their phones and let them text and send pictures to whomever they want to because their parents don’t intervene.

“I think that some middle schoolers are using apps in ways that they shouldn’t because, they wanna act like cool high schoolers and act older then they are, to impress people.”  said Hayley Withrow.

Many high schoolers are using these apps to their advantage as well.  Any kid with older siblings that has a phone, might be exposed to things they shouldn’t on the media, like inappropriate words or apps and nude pictures.  Also most teenagers act a certain way, so nothing stops the younger siblings of a teenager to pick up the behaviors of a teenager themselves.  

“Probably like, social media apps if you use them the right way they can help you with homework or something.”    Said Kaden Entzi.

So some social media can help you when studying or, just be communication for children, when it’s used properly.  If parents spend time making sure children only use the apps for appropriate games and social media apps then these kids might grow up to be better people.

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