2018 Christmas Gift Guide

Anna Lucas, Staff

Christmas is coming up soon, yet a lot of us don’t have a gifts ready for our friends and family. Maybe it’s because we don’t have ideas, maybe it’s because we don’t have money. But, whatever the reason, here are 5 affordable, and fun gift ideas.


  1. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Cameras are something everyone wants. They are fun to take pictures with, to decorate, or to just make some memories. They can also be very affordable if you play your cards right. Here is a link to a polaroid camera that anyone would want.




  1. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are another present that everyone likes. Giving bath bombs as presents really isn’t something you can easily mess up. They are also very affordable, the most expensive bath bombs still costing you under $10.00, and at that price, it’s a perfect gift for any teen to give.


  1. Portable Phone Chargers

Portable phone chargers are something you can never have enough of. They are sold virtually anywhere, but are also very useful. Also, portable chargers’ price ranges can go from very affordable, to very expensive, so you can choose which one to buy, based on how much you are willing to spend.


  1. Perfume/Cologne

Perfume and/or cologne are great gifts to buy someone if you are wanting to spend a little more time, and money, in their gift. Things like perfume and cologne are good presents to give, because no matter if you are a girl or boy, a tomboy, or a girly girl, you can still enjoy a good bottle of perfume/cologne to make you smell good.


  1. Gift Cards

Now, some people may think that gift cards are a boring gift to give, or that it shows you didn’t put much thought into a gift, or that it was last minute. But, in reality a gift card could be exactly what someone wants. It gives them the freedom to choose what they want for themselves, which is exactly what teens want, to make their own choices.