“The Momo Challenge”, what it is and how it can impact you

Anna Lucas, Staff

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“The Momo Challenge”, is the new craze challenge that has been surfing through the internet lately. In case you haven’t already heard of it, the challenge is a viral video (although it has never been seen), of a young, doll like girl, encouraging children and teens to commit suicide.

The challenge first surfaced in mid 2016, when a user on Whatsapp user posted it to the site, and it began to float around. Until the same user posted it to Instagram, and it completely blew up. It made parents nervous, it forced police to release statements, and it scared many children about whether or not they would fall under the spell of “the momo”.

The challenge, even though it seemed to be all over the internet, didn’t become popular in the United States until July of 2018. When a woman on Facebook posted a picture of the momo to her feed, and began warning parents about the challenge, and telling them to beware. Since July, the Facebook picture had been shared over 22,000 times, and many people began to become aware, and scared, of “the momo”.

However, the very highly talked about video of “the momo” had never been seen, or shared by anyone, at least in the U.S. So, people became suspicious about the video, and whether or not it actually existed. The supposed video is of a young girl, maybe 12-13, with a very deformed, terrifying look. People say that in the video, she is slitting her wrists, and screaming bloody murder, before she shrivels up, and disappears.

Now, many people saw the photo going around the internet, but didn’t think much of it, as it hasn’t caused anyone any harm. But, that is not true. A few years ago in Argentina, a 12 year old girl was found dead in her house due to suicide. And after investigation, the police suspected that the suicide could have been relate to the challenge.   

Now, whether or not the video actually exists, or if the girl is actually real, we will never know. But, many parents seem to be scared for their children’s lives when it comes to this. So, if you see a deranged girl slitting her wrists and screaming on the top of her lungs any time soon, avoid her.