Quarantine Advice

Madison Nesti, staff

The Corona Virus has made everyone go crazy. It started from stocking up on toilet paper, which is very rare in stores now, to a national lock down. Going through these rough times and students and adults having to learn how to social distance, it is important that everyone knows how to maintain their mental status while in quarantine. Getting advice and ideas about how to maintain your mental status and not go crazy will make quarantine less nerve racking. 

First, getting enough sleep is highly recommended. Although students may be thinking how great it is to stay up as late as they want, it can change the way you think or act. Studies show that staying up for at least 3 days straight or with little to no sleep can cause hallucinations and laziness. Hallucinating can be very dangerous if a person starts to hear or see things that can affect the people around them.

Next, you could try doing something that you love. It could be as simple as playing with your pets or animals. Animals are very good stress relievers, especially dogs. If you don’t own a pet, you could find something to do like a hobby that makes you happy. Some examples could be drawing, painting, watching Netflix, indoor exercise, and even playing video games. For some people, making tiktoks or watching youtube can also be stress relieving. 

Last, another way to pass time and also maintain your social and mental status is to talk to your friends. Whether that is over facetime or another video app, y’all will be able to stay in touch. Texting can also keep you guys in touch because you’re still having a conversation with someone even if you can’t hear them. Having social media apps like snapchat and Instagram can pass the time because it is another way to contact people if you don’t have their phone numbers. 

Clearly, being quarantined in our homes can be stressful for a lot of people. However, getting advice about how to spend your time can be beneficial. Maintaining social status and mental status is good for a person’s health and can make a person enjoy quarantine a little bit more.