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Transition to High School

Sydney Compoz

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The change from middle school to high school is a even bigger transition than going from elementary to middle school. Classes get harder and teachers get stricter, and the school gets bigger.

Every night you get around 2 hours of homework. Unless you are taking advanced classes then you get more. You are responsible with all your school work, even when you are absent. At Sierra, your teachers tell you what you have miss while you were gone, but the teachers at Chaparral won’t. You are responsible for all missing work.

“I’m excited for Chaparral next year. I’m so happy to finally leave Sierra and and can’t wait to make new friends,” said Kendall Kuhn 8.

All high schools are bigger than the middle schools. There are more students in high school and a lot more teachers. There is also a bigger variety of classes to try. They have all sorts of clubs. From book club to thespian club. You can also do student government or even join the speech and debate team. The nice thing is that they have a variety of different music classes as well.

“I’m happy to meet more people and try out new classes,” said Maddie Davis 8. “I’m really excited to take drama with all the upperclassman.”

Many students like to try out new classes to learn about what they enjoy most. It’s better to find out what you enjoy earlier, than making a mistake and doing something you hate. They show you all the classes with a brief description. You request the class you want to take just like middle school. You also have to pick a couple of alternates in case. At Sierra you are allowed to drop a class, but not at Chap. You picked that class so you have to take it.

High school gets better throughout the years. “High school goes by fast,” said Jessie, junior at Chap. You make memories and a lot of new friends.

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Transition to High School