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Chipotle Outbreaks

Zachary Curtis, Staff

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Chipotle Mexican Grill, was founded in Denver Colorado in 1993. The food organization has been having a few issues with their food produce around the U.S the past couple of years. Since they have been having things spread throughout the Chipotle food chain’s with nasty bacteria and food poisoning. Recently, Chipotle had an outbreak in New York.

The outbreak had dealt with the bacteria (E Coli and Norovirus). E Coli is a bacteria that goes into the lower intestines of the human body. This bacteria doesn’t really harm the body, but makes people have very bad food poisoning. The other Norovirus is a very heavy virus which contains multiple harms dealing with the stomach. Diarrhea, cramps and vomiting may occur.

Chipotle, struggling to make it through this spread has dealt with multiple pay cuts because of the lack of money. How it came out was by a couple workers at the food company. The company has nearly lost $75 Million in the last few months, due to the two problems.

This shows that popular food companies, can not always keep a good look. This isn’t just harming Chipotle looks, it is also hurting other companies from the past. Giving new perspectives on how fast-food places are with the food they are giving out daily to thousands.

“After hearing about the issue, I decided to go to Qdoba and found it a lot better” said, Jax Rupert.

The outbreak has not arrived in Colorado. Chipotle is trying to find a solution to the problem. Despite all of the difficulties, Chipotle easily got over a million, even though all the money loss.

Everyone should be careful around the Chipotle food. We never know when the outbreak will occur in Colorado. Keep your eyes open on your purchases throughout the fast food restaurant’s.


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Chipotle Outbreaks