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Costumes for a Cause

Suraya Asfar, News Editor

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On October 31 Sierra students were allowed to dress up in their Halloween costumes for the entire school day. This event was called “Costumes for a Cause”. All proceeds of this event would go towards detective Dan Brite.

If a student were to dress up, they had to bring a minimum donation of a dollar although, $5.00 was the recommended amount. Students could bring more than $5.00 if they wanted to as well.

Many students participated in this festive event including Arianna May. “I’m dressing up in a onesie with some of my friends, says May, I went to Walmart last night so we could all get matching ones.”

Not only did students participate, but so did many members of the staff including Karen Keller, the Phoenix math teacher. I thought it would be fun to dress up, says Keller, A lot of other staff dressed up too along with the students so why not?

Students and staff had many creative costumes although all costumes had to follow certain guidelines. Costumes had to follow school dress code, you couldn’t bring any props, you couldn’t have any masks or full face makeup, and you couldn’t be gory or bloody. Due to recent events, no one could dress as clowns either.

All the students that participated raised just over $1,700.00 for detective Dan Brite.

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Costumes for a Cause