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Chlorinated Water Fountains and Sinks

Kilee Stortz, Staff

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On March 9, 2017, there was a issue with the water chlorinator. Teachers were first emailed during fourth period. After about 5-10 minutes an announcement was out on the overcome not to drink the water until further notice.

“We had a chlorination problem that pumps chlorine into the water when it’s needed and it’s regulated once a week. It wasn’t the pump, it was the control box malfunction and it put too much chlorine into the water. Plus it is an older box so it took us probably about 30 minutes to fix it. All we had to do was unplug the pump and run water. It took all the chlorine out of the water. This has happened once in previous years, but it was fixed,” said Brian Wasson, Building Engineer.

“I was about to go drink the water when smelled something off. After I drank it, it didn’t taste very good. I went back to class then a couple minutes later, the announcements came on. They started to say not to drink the water because there we slight problems with it,” said Brooke Poleman, student on team Falcon.

35 minutes after the announcement, the water was said to be fixed and was better than ever.

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Chlorinated Water Fountains and Sinks