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Back to School 2017

Sky Huson, Staff

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Thursday, August 10th, Sierra had their first half day of the school year. Friday, August 11th was our first ‘official’ full day of school. Many new changes throughout the school and all of the staff members. New teachers, new students, new schedule, and more.

All the same teams as last year. Such as, the seventh grade teams are Telluride, Wolf Creek, and Snowmass. Eighth grade teams are Falcon, Hawk, and Phoenix.

There are a few ‘pep rally’ team events like the Sierra Scream coming up soon to start up the school year. 8th grade teams play against each other, and 7th grade teams play against each other.

Team Telluride has only 3 teachers this year. Mike Lechuga,  Sara Cady , Trevor Peddie. Mike Lechuga teaches 3 subjects; Science, Social Studies(World Geography) and Mathematics. Trevor Peddie teaches Health, P.E, and Science also. Sara Cady teaches Language Arts.

Teaching multiple subjects takes quite a bit of planning ​and preparation. I also have to check-in with other teachers several times per day to make sure we are on the same page. Most of the time teaching many subjects is fun because I get to do different things throughout the day. I also get to see students in different arenas. So I get a better picture of their strengths as well as things they struggle with. Hopefully this helps me help them learn more. “ said Mike Lechuga.

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Back to School 2017