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Bug Problem in Sierra Middle School

Dallas Novak, Staff

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Everyday at school kids can see spiders and flies flying around bugging them. Kids try to pay attention when learning, but when bugs are around like spiders kids can be frightened or if there are bees in the classroom people will sometimes move away from the bees and that can distract a lot of people.

On the 29th of September a Wolf Spider was seen in the halls wandering and minding it’s own business when kids started to come over. The Spider was about the size of a palm of a hand.

“I don’t really know about the problem, but the school should really get an exterminator.” Dawson Hendricks said.

In school flies are also quite the problem because they fly around in people’s space and cause a distraction to the class while trying to hit the fly.

“We have traps set in the 200’s and the mobiles and we usually restock the traps in winter.” Brian Wasson the Building Engineer said.

If the school gets rid of these insects and critters people won’t be bothered by spiders, flies, bees, moths, mosquitoes, and rats.

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Bug Problem in Sierra Middle School