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Box Top Fundraiser

Luke Blevin, Staff

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Sierra Middle School’s NJHS program is using box tops to fund a set of benches for the front of the school. This is the second box top fundraiser that NJHS has done this school year, the first being earlier in the year, with Mr. Sheffield’s fourth period class raising the most money.

The box top money is used for benches to be put outside the school. The only reason that NJHS is doing another fundraiser is because the first one did not raise enough to pay for all three of the benches.

“I really don’t like the idea of benches,” Jackson Boyle said.

The first period class that has been in the lead for most of the competition is Mr. Sheffield’s first period class. The winner of the box top competition gets a box of donuts and cinnamon rolls. The school is trying to raise 800 dollars for the benches, but only has raised half of that, or 400 dollars so far. With the end of the fundraiser being on Monday, February 26th, this is way behind where NJHS wants to be on box tops, with only three days left to gather money and box tops.

A lot of students think the money should be used for something other than benches, such as better Ipads or computers.

“I think that benches are a waste of money, and that nobody is going to use them.” student Wyatt Judd said.

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Box Top Fundraiser