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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Visits Sierra

Lizzy Ahrens, Staff

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On Friday March 16, Colorado Parks and Wildlife came to Sierra to teach seventh grade students on Wolf Creek and Snowmass about wildlife in Colorado and how they can be protected. Students were taken outside during their science class period to play games and take part in activities.

One of the games played was called deer and mountain lion. This game was played to represent the process of the food chain and the different challenges prey face in today’s society. Different obstacles were added such as predators, traffic, and food supply.

“I had fun because we got run around and be outside rather than just sitting in a classroom,” CJ Marsh said.

Another activity students participated in was learning about mountain lions. There was a taxidermy mountain lion in the field for students to see and ask questions about. They got an opportunity to see a mountain lion up close and learn about its traits that help it survive.

“I learned a lot from the questions and I had fun getting to spend time with friends,” John Braford said.

The last activity during this event was fishing in the field. Plastic fish were scattered around the field and had questions taped to the bottom of them. Students were then given fishing poles to gather the fish in the field. Once students got a fish, they had to answer the question on the bottom regarding wildlife in Colorado.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Visits Sierra