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Recreating the Holocaust Museum

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Recreating the Holocaust Museum

Kaden Entzi, Staff

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On March 28th Jennifer Rikes’ classes tried to recreate the holocaust museum. The students were put into random groups and had to chose to do 7 out of the 8 activities that revolved around the Holocaust. Rike and Stephanie Meurer handed out cards with pictures of the people in the holocaust inside the cards. The students had to guess if their person would survive the holocaust or not.   Meurer said that they did this at the actual holocaust museum in Washington DC. Before the got to see what happened to the person, students had to complete the 7 activities assigned.

“It deepened my knowledge and helped me have a better understanding of the holocaust,” Josh Vigil said.

The activities consisted of taking a virtual  tour of the secret annex, writing your questions about the holocaust on the wall, calculating how many is six million. Which is when the students calculated how many sports stadiums, restaurants, etc. would take to hold 6 million people. Students also listened to the stories of people who survived the holocaust, and looked at pictures taken during the holocaust. The l2 of the stations consisted of reading a famous poem written in the holocaust and finding out where the Frank family went after being caught in the secret annex.

“The most interesting part was seeing how the jews were treated,”  Drue Derosier said.

The students had their knowledge deepend about the Holocaust and how the Frank family lived throughout the holocaust.

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Recreating the Holocaust Museum