NJHS Penny War


Lizzy Ahrens, Staff

From April 30-May 11, NJHS will be hosting a schoolwide penny war to raise money for the Parker Task Force. Money will be collected at lunch and team time for the duration of the competition. It is a competition between each of the teams for a chance to win a movie party in the library or cafeteria.

Money will be collected by NJHS members during both lunch and team time. There will be 6 buckets, one for each team. This competition counts by points and both adds and subtracts depending on what is in the bucket. Pennies, paper money, and canned food add points and silver coins subtract points. For example, each penny adds 10 points, 1 dollar adds 100 points, and canned food adds 100 points, but nickles subtract 5 points, dimes subtract 10 points, and quarters subtract 25 points. Each student can donate money to any bucket they would like.

Stephanie Meurer said that Parker Task Force often struggles over the summer without funding from school fundraisers so NJHS is trying to raise as much money as possible.

All money from this fundraiser will be donated to Parker Task Force. Parker Task Force helps people in our town in need as long as they have legitimate reasons. They give people food, help pay some bills, and provide other supplies that families in Parker may struggle to afford. NJHS is trying to get each student to donate at least a dollar, which would mean that Sierra would raise $850.

Neana Lueck said the Parker Task Force helps Sierra students every week, so we want to raise as much money as we can to help them.

After the competition is complete, NJHS members will count all the donations and add up points to determine the winning team. The winners will earn a party in the cafeteria or library with a movie and snacks.