Snowmass Writes Journal Articles


Chloe Savacool, Staff

On May 18 Sierra 7th graders on Snowmass submitted their final journal articles to google classroom. The students had been working on this end of year project since April 6th when they were given the task of writing an essay on their opinion on genetic engineering. Although, the students didn’t know that this would turn into a month long project.

“The journal article project is definitely a big challenge however, in the end I am glad we did it. Mr. Sicard should do this next year because I think for me and some other students it helped us with basic time management skills with the different due dates, and I learned a lot about genetic engineering with this project,” Skyler Sherwin said.

Mr. Sicard provided the students with template for each part of the journal article so that the students could channel their thoughts better about the subject, but made sure that they were still free to be creative with their writing. The parts of the journal article included an abstract, introduction, data/results, and a conclusion. The journal article also had to contain a bibliography and figures for evidence.

“My favorite part was writing about Geneticly Modified Organisms because I already have a lot of background knowledge on that topic so being able to support what I believe with facts was very interesting,” Sherwin said.