Penny War Results

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Penny War Results

Lizzy Ahrens, Staff

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On May 11, the NJHS penny war for the Parker Task Force ended. Students worked hard to raise money and food and in the end, $1402.53 and 664 cans of food were donated. Though Wolf Creek was in the lead for most of the competition, team Hawk pulled through at the end and came in first.

“Adding incentive to donating helped make this fundraiser much more successful than previous fundraisers,” Stephanie Meruer said.

Hawk had 60,452 points, Wolf Creek had 21997 points, Phoenix had 2672 points, Snowmass had 2180 points, Telluride had -686 points, and Falcon had -3144 points. Both Hawk and Wolf Creek will have the movie party because they brought in the most money and cans.

Meruer also said that Parker Task Force was very grateful for all of Sierra’s hard work and donations.

Team Hawk pulled through on the very last day of the competition to ensure that no one would add in silver coins to their bucket to subtract points.

This was a very successful fundraiser by the Sierra community to help organizations that help people in need and a great way to end the year strong.

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