New Cell Phone Policy

Nolan Telford, Staff

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Home phones and wall phones are becoming a thing of the past, and cell phones are now a necessity for everyday life. The new phone policy implies that there is a time and place for cell phones, and middle school is not one of them.

The new policy states that students cell phones should be turned off and in their backpack. They do allow us to take our phones to lunch, and we may use them for educational purposes with a teacher’s permission; but we can’t have them in class, or in the hallways.

The returning 8th graders may remember that last year some of the teachers would allow us to leave our phones on our desk. Some would just allow us to have them in our pockets, or they would make us put them in our backpacks completely.

   “I haven’t noticed much of a change this year, I still keep my phone in my pocket sometimes” Wyatt Judd said.

Different teachers do different things with your phone when you get it taken away. Some teachers will give it back to you at the end of class, some will send it to the office so you can ge it after school, and some will make you call your parents and make you tell them that you got it taken away.