Sierra Spirit Week 9/4/18

Brandon Oster-Wickstrom, Editor

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During the week of September 4th, as preparation for Sierra’s Eagle Scream competition, there were three days of Sierra spirit week. Wednesday was superhero day, Thursday was jersey day, and Friday was team color day.

The spirit days are put in place to benefit teams in the upcoming Eagle Scream competition. Points are tallied up by how many students participate in the certain spirit days by dressing up to match the theme of the day. This can give them a benefit in points when it comes to the competition.

Superhero day was a opportunity for students to dress up as their favorite superhero or create their own to show off around the school. Many students were seen walking around the school with outfits that resemble a superhero, whether it was homemade or store bought.

“I’m dressing up as Cloutman with a cape and clout goggles,” said 7th grader Colby Kaplan from team Telluride.

On Thursday’s jersey day students were able to put on their favorite jersey to earn points for their team. Although the majority of the students were wearing Broncos merchandise, there were many other students who represented their favorite teams as well.

“I wore my von Miller jersey, and I saw a lot of different Bronco jerseys throughout the day,” said Molly Nichols from team Hawk.

The last spirit day, the same day as the Eagle scream, was team color day. All of the teams were assigned different colors that students could wear to earn their team points. Another option was to wear your teams designed shirt that was made during team time for the Eagle scream.

“Seeing everyone dressed up to support our team honestly made the team competition so much more fun because we were all united as one. When you would look up in the crowd and see the clear unison from everyone it felt like nothing could stop us,” said Rachel Matthews from team Falcon.

During the Eagle scream, the winners of the spirit day dress ups were announced. Over all Falcon won for 8th grade by having the most students dress up, and team Telluride won the spirit days for 7th grade.