Washer Toss Game

Amelia Shoemaker, Staff

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On Monday September 24, Mr. Palmers 7th period class went outside to play a game called Washer Toss.  They went out to teach the students how to shoot action photos. There were four groups of students.

Washer Toss is a game where you have two people playing against each other. One has red discs and the other has blue discs.  They go back and forth throwing one disc and they try to get the discs in a tube. If you get it in the tube it is three points, and if you get it outside of it, it’s one point.

“I won because the wind was in my favor,” Reagan Fisher said.

Reagan Fisher won the first game against Brenda Gonzalez and was very happy about it.  After that game, Hayley Withrow won against Landen Dykstra.

“I did really bad,” Landon Dykstra said.

Hayley won against Landon 3-0 and Landon was very close to getting a point but the disc repeatedly bounced out of the box.

“It was easier when the wind was blowing towards the box, but overall, it was a pretty difficult game,” Hayley Withrow said.