Thescon Fieldtrip


Brandon Oster-Wickstrom

A photo of one of the name tags worn at this years Thescon.

Brandon Oster-Wickstrom, Editor

Sierra’s Thespian club took a trip to Downtown Denver for the 54th annual Thescon last Thursday, December 6th.

The group took the light rail to the convention center in Downtown Denver for a full day Thescon experience. The group did a couple of the different offered activities such as a tech challenge, Hamilton hip hop,and hand to hand combat.

“My favorite activity at Thescon was the hand to hand combat station because I got to learn how to enhance the realism in stage combat,” Arika Beckman said.

After half of the day had gone and the three time slots for activities had pasted, everyone at Thescon went down to the theatre and watched a production of Newsies, ending the Thescon day.

“Thescon was such a wonderful experience. I loved getting to delve deeper into theatre and learn about being a techie and hand to hand combat. My favorite part of this event was racing to complete techie tasks. It was fun to set scenes, costume change, and attempt to drill a screw into a 2×4. Overall, this was such a great experience, and it helped to deepen my love for theatre,” Kiarra Berry said.