Annual Telluride Bazaar

Maddie Ham, Staff

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The Bazaar will be held on Friday, December 14th, hosted by team Telluride. Located in the cafeteria, the student will be sell products they created during team-time and at home. To pay for products 10 bazaar bucks are equal to $1.

The 14th Annual Telluride Bazaar will be giving the raised money to Ronald McDonald House of Denver, American Red Cross, Project Education South Sudan and Doctors Without Borders.

“The Bazaar is an event put on for the kids for five specific reasons, to learn about custom and culture; To practice collaboration and problem-solving skills; To develop financial literacy in a real-world atmosphere; To build on artistic and creative skills; and to practice good stewardship and generosity by raising money for local, national, and international charitable organizations.” said Trevor Peddie.

There is plenty of contrasting items for purchase, there will be drinks like hot chocolate, snacks like cookies, etc., decorations like ornaments, and a lot more.

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