Telluride Advanced Science Opportunity


Kayla Stutz

A screenshot of the requirements and link on Mr. Peddie's (Science Teacher of Telluride) Google Classroom.

Kayla Stutz, Staff

As the school year is coming to an end, many projects are being assigned on Team Telluride in preparation of 8th Grade. One of these assignments is a Google Form that allows you to sign up for Advanced Science in 8th Grade.


The Form is due on February 15th, 2019 and the respondent has to follow these requirements:

1) A recommendation from the previous year’s teacher

2) Meeting (B/3) or exceeding expectations (A/4) in prior and current math and science courses and on standardized testing.

3) Placement in a grade level or higher math class.

4) Meet with one of the 8th grade science teachers.


The link to the quiz is posted on Mr. Peddie, the Telluride Science Teacher’s Google Classroom for Telluride students to access. The link will also be included at the bottom of this article.


“[The] Sierra Middle School Advanced Science program, offered in 8th grade, is an opportunity to deeply expand on scientific principles using the content standards as a springboard.” as said on the Google Form.


This opportunity is also offered throughout the other 7th Grade Teams so, if you are interested, sign up before it’s too late.

Link to Advanced Science Form: