Healthy Activities Night

Catalina Clay, Staff

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Healthy Activities Night is a event hosted by Sources of Strength. It was on January 24, 2019 from 4:30-7:00 after school throughout the Sierra building.

Healthy Activities Night is an event with many stations including smoothie making, bath bombs, glitter jars, therapy dog, corn hole, coloring, cake walk, volleyball, basketball, and many more! It is hosted annually by Sources of Strength and is one of their biggest events.

“I thought Healthy Activities Night was a big success and I loved all of the stations that were offered,“ Callie Goulding said.

Many people adored the smoothie making station and the cake walk. They had three different flavors of smoothies available and many said they kept going back to get more! There were also many different cakes during the cake walk and people flooded in to play and win a cake.

Madison Nesti, a member of Sources of Strength, said that she had a lot of fun and that Sources of Strength was excited and glad to see everyone there having fun and enjoying everything that was offered.

More than 100 people came to Healthy Activities Night and many of those people enjoyed being able to explore all of the different stations. The people also loved to win the door prizes when getting their raffle tickets.

With Healthy Activities Night being an annual event, Sources of Strength is already eager for next year to see what it brings!

This is a sheet showing all of the stations that were at Healthy Activities Night. It also shows where they were located.

This is the passport that was handed to everyone who showed up. It had all of the stations listed and you could earn stickers for every station you went to.

This was the photo booth. People could pose with props in front of the background and take pictures.

This was the smoothie making station. They had many ingredients set out so they were prepared to make the smoothies for everyone.

These were some of the cakes that were offered at the Cake Walk.

At the Cake Walk, they had jars set out so people could make donations to fund the therapy dog program.

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