Sierra Middle School’s Healthy Activities Night


Stella Rydahl-Kim

Healthy Activites featured many different activities such as a photobooth.

Stella Rydahl-Kim, Staff

On January 24, Sierra Middle School held Healthy Activities night planned by Sources of Strength. This fun night of activities was aimed towards helping people find healthy activities they enjoy.

Some of the stations there were smoothies, Just Dance, stress balls, bath bombs, glitter jars, coloring for the calm, cornhole, basketball, mindfulness, a photobooth, yoga, cake walk, popcorn, a raffle was held, and Remi had a blast there too.

“There were a lot of people there and it was fun,” said Zaineb Safeyeddine

People came from Sierra’s feeder schools as well as siblings of students who currently go to Sierra.

“I thought it was a good opportunity to take a break from the stress of school and have a good time,” said Brandon Oster-Wickstrom.

Admission was free, and anyone could participate in the activities. Every 30 minutes or so, Sources members would announce raffle winners who could go up and collect a prize.

Sources plans on hosting another Healthy Activities Night next year, they hope to see you there!

Stella Rydahl-Kim
Stress Ball making was one of the activities at Healthy Activities Night.


Stella Rydahl-Kim
Remi had fun at Healthy Activities Night


Stella Rydahl-Kim
Visitors could win door prizes through raffles, prizes were displayed by the Library