Falcon Health making presentations of their health triangles!

Aidyn Covington, staff

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The 8th graders are starting health, working hard, and leaving magazines in shreds!  In Health, from January 11th-17th in room 502 the 8th grade students of Falcon were working on expressing their health triangles through a plethora of pictures, quotes, words, and anything else they can find.

A health triangle is a way to present a person’s physical, social, and mental/emotional health balance.  You make each side a certain size compared to the other two sides based on how well balanced you are in that region of health.

“We reflect on our health triangle with a different perspective that is fun and visual, not only that, but it really requires us to think about what we enjoy to do, and how it affects our healthy lifestyle.” said Abby Broecker.

The Students spent the whole week during health to cut out pictures, quotes, and words from magazines, finding pictures of themselves and things they like to do from home, and putting them on a large piece of paper.  Most succeeded to fill the whole thing.

“I liked it! I thought is was great that we expressed important things about us and our lives.” Said Rachel Thomson.

The students were graded based off of how well they filled their paper, and how little uncovered spots their were. “I told kids to be creative and that it there shouldn’t be many empty spots, therefore, I have been grading posters covered in glitter and glue.” Said Sean Tucker, the teacher assigning the project.  The students definitely took him seriously.

“I thought that it was fun because we got to explore ourselves and present how we are healthy to Mr.Tucker and the class.  But, I also thought it was hard to go through all of the magazines and find little things that represent us then cut them out.” Said Kamryn Abrahams.