High School Registration

Hayley Withrow, Editor

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On January 23, counselors from Chaparral High School came to Sierra to talk to the eighth graders about registering for classes in high school.

They talked about how to register, what classes to take if you are in advanced classes, and described what credits were and how many you need to graduate. They talked for about 40 minutes, and explained to us how high school was different, and what to expect.

“The sign-up was easy to understand and I thought it was super exciting.” Sophia Grubb said.

The pamphlets are about a hundred pages, with detailed descriptions of every class offered there. It also tells students about the different honors and AP classes, and the path they will take if they sign up for that. The forms are due January 31st.

Eighth graders will be turning these forms into their science teachers, and will get their finalized schedules sometime in April.

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