The New Policies For Team Hawk

Amelia Shoemaker, Editor

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This semester of the 2018-2019 school year, the 8th grade team Hawk has a lot of new policies that the whole team must follow.  

The new policies for the team start off with, a no late work policy.  That is to get everyone ready for high school. They are no longer going to accept any late work the student will automatically get a 0.  The other two 8th grade team Phoenix and Falcon also have this policy. The second policy for team Hawk is bathroom passes. Each student gets a little sheet of paper that has the numbers 1-9 on it.  They only get a new piece of paper every quarter. Each time they go out of the room they must get a whole punch on one number and once they run out of numbers, they can’t leave the room anymore.

Bella Alpert on team hawk says, “No I don’t think that policies have helped the team and I don’t think that they are necessary.”  She also says, “Yes, if a kid had an accident, it could open up some problems for the school.”

Mr.Knight, the Social Studies teacher on team Hawk says, “With having the kids sign out we are able to keep track of where they are and we can keep track of how many times they leave.  We can also make sure no groups of kids leave at the same time. The main reason we made these policies is get people involved in the learning environment.”

These new policies for the team have improved the grades in total for the team and has improved the amount of kids in the class at a time.

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