NJHS Candy Jar Raffle


Stella Rydahl-Kim

Guesses sell for 1 dollar for 5 guesses.

Stella Rydahl-Kim, Staff

On February 4, NJHS started the Candy Heart Raffle to raise money for their legacy project.

During lunch, a cart with a giant jar of pastel candy hearts is on the stage open for people to guess how many candies are in the jar.

It’s a great opportunity to raise money for the mural and you can win great prizes.” Brandon Oster- Wickstrom said.

Students can pay $1 dollar for 5 guesses at how many candy hearts are in the jar. If you guess you also receive a piece of candy.

“Because you have the chance to win a TON of candy and a $10 dollar visa, why wouldn’t you do  [guess to win] it?” Violet Wolitzky said.

The raffle ends on February 12 and the person who guesses closest by the end wins the whole candy jar and a gift card.