Team Hawk’s Final Science Lab


Brandon Oster-Wickstrom

An image of the coke used in the experiment.

Brandon Oster-Wickstrom, Editor

Team Hawk’s science classes did a science lab about controlled reactions on May 1st and 2nd.

This is team hawks final lab of the year. The students have been learning about chemical reactions, how to balance them, and how to control them. The experiment used coke and mentos to create a reaction that must be controlled by the students.

The students were given 50ml liters of coke and a certain amount of mentos. They had to choose between different variables for their experiment to try to reach the goal of the reaction. The goal was to get the 50ml of coke to rise as close to 100ml without going over. There were many variables, such as whether they would use diet or regular coke, the amount of mentos they would use and the temperature of the coke.

“My favorite part of the experiment was the excitement that came before putting the mentos in,” Bridgett Boguth said.

Once the experiment had finished the students had to fill out a lab report.

“I thought it was really cool because we got to see how we can control reactions,” Hayley Withrow said.