End Of The Year Preparations

Lakelo Neves, Staff

As the year comes to an end, teachers have to start preparing for May 24th, when school ends.

We have exactly 3 weeks until summer break, and that means final tests, projects, and grades. All the students have to take the final iReady tests for language arts and math, which count for grades. Every team is doing projects, finishing books, etc. Even though school is almost out, a lot of kids are feeling stressed.

4th quarter is always a stressful one because of the pressure to get great final grades and turn everything in on time. The eighth graders are getting ready to leave Sierra and head to Chap, and the seventh graders are getting ready to go to eighth grade. The teachers are stressed too because they need to get final grades in.

“The end of the year can be very stressful because of all the homework being piled on to us, but it pays off in the end.” Brandon Oster-Wickstrom said.

Despite the stress, students and teachers are really excited for school to get out.