S.T.E.M. School Shooting, and Kendrick Castillo’s heroic sacrifice

Anna Lucas, Staff

On Tuesday, May 7th at approximately 2:00 p.m, two students Devon Erickson, and another whose identity has yet to be released, open fired at S.T.E.M. School in Highlands Ranch Colorado, shooting 9 people. Eight of the nine survived the shooting and one, Kendrick Castillo, did not.  S.T.E.M. School is a Kindergarten – 12th grade school with about 1,850 students enrolled at the school. The two shooters entered the school through the middle school wing and then moved to the high school wing and shot nine people, all over the age of 15.

When the shooters entered a high school room three male students, Kendrick Castillo, Josh Jones, and Brenden Bialy tackled the shooter. Kendrick was shot once in the middle of the chest, and sadly passed away minutes after. Josh Jones was shot twice, but is on his way to making a full recovery in the comfort of his own home. After tackling the shooter, Bialy says that he went over to check on Kendrick, but when he tried to talk to him and check to see if he was shot and where, Castillo was unresponsive and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Classmates of Kendrick Castillo say that he was “A kind, hilarious jokester who was always ready to help his classmates, Kendrick was such a nice kid. If you needed something, he would be there for you,” Tuscany “Nui” Giasolli told CNN on Wednesday.

After the shooting, all S.T.E.M. School parents were told to make there way to a nearby Recreation Center to pick up their children, and just like everyone else the Castillo family waited patiently to get their son back, and make sure he was okay.

However, after hours of waiting and hundreds of text messages and calls to their son, who wasn’t picking up, Kendrick’s parents finally got the news about their son. Kenrick was John Castillo’s only son, and after hearing the news he was completely mistreat and beside himself with the fact that is only son was no longer with us. But, he was also extraordinarily proud that his son died a hero, laying down his life to save countless others in an act of heroism that others can’t even comprehend. Kendrick Castillo is credited with saving dozens of lives, and he is and always will be remembered as a hero.