Sierra’s Visit to iFLY


This is a group of friends right before they entered the wind tunnel

Joseph Armour, Staff

On Friday, May 10th, 2019 8th grade Falcon Students got to go on their yearly math field trip to a indoor skydiving placed, iFLY.  This trip was a trip organized by Mr. Maupin and was a math field trip because , while you are their to do the indoor skydiving, you also have to do a class about how it all works.

When you first arrive at iFLY, you sign in at the front desk. Then you head upstairs for a 20 minute seminar on how it the wind tunnel works. They show everyone a video with some safety procedures and a list of do’s and don’ts. After the small seminar they have everyone gather around the wind tunnel while the instructor shows the group what to do to get a steady fly and then does some really cool tricks.

The class consists of a worksheet you must do surrounding indoor skydiving. The teacher gives you a ball and you need to find the circumference, the area, and the amount of wind force you will need for the ball to fly upward in the wind tunnel. The other half of the class the teacher talks to you and explains how it works in more depth.

When its time for your group to go into the wind tunnel, you all have to go put on special wind suits, earplugs, hair caps, goggles, and a helmet. When your whole group is done getting ready to go into the tunnel you will all line up on a bench and take 1 minute turns going in the tunnel. The instructor comes in the tunnel with you and helps you get stable. If you pay a extra $5 you can go to the top of the wind tunnel, and if you pay a extra $10 you can have a extra minute in the wind tunnel.

” This was such a fun experience, I would recommend it to everyone who gets the chance to go!” said Austin Alpert. The trip took up almost all of the day.

” This trip was awesome! It was probably my favorite part of the whole 8th grade year. ” said Luke Blevin.

Even Mr. Maupin took a turn in the wind tunnel and enjoyed it.

“Yeah it is something I look forward to every year!” said Mr. Maupin.