Sierra Thespian’s One Act: An Absolutely True Story (As Told by a Bunch of Lying Liars)


Brandon Oster-Wickstrom

A scene from the play where a Nutella man is dancing for the kids during Barney's memory.

Brandon Oster-Wickstrom, Editor

Sierra’s Thespian club put on their end of the year one act last week.

The students had been working on it for about a month and a half. The show, “An Absolutely True Story (As Told By A Bunch Of Lying Liars), is a show about a family debate about who broke a precious family heirloom.

They story followed the point of view of, Fred and Kelly, the kids, and Ava and Barney, their friends, as their parents try to figure out what happened.

“The Thespian showcase was fun because it brought me closer to the people who enjoy the same things I do, while doing what we enjoy,” Logan Rozelle said.

“It was such a fun experience, acting one last time at Sierra. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do a third show this year, and I’m satisfied with my final hurrah, because it was just fun to do something I enjoyed,” Arika Beckman, who played Kelly, said.

This was the last show of the year.