Eagle Scream

Georgia Moran, Editor

At Sierra’s annual Eagle Scream Rally, the students got to show off what their team had been working on for weeks. The competition ended with Team Challenger Point and Platte River in third place, Torreys Peak and Rio Grande River in second, and Castle Peak and Colorado River in first.

Students had been preparing for the competition for the first few weeks of school. They all worked on a different category based on which team they were in.


“Preparing for Eagle Scream, everyone on our team was pretty excited,” Emma Holt said.


Change Point was doing well in the competition, but in the end, Platte brought then down. Although Torrey’s got third place in nearly every category, Rio Grande brought them up to second place.


“Eagle Scream this year was a great way to be welcomed into the new year. The spirit was amazing and I’m proud of my team! I’m really happy with the results because I thought Torrey’s was gonna get last,” Audrey Lawrence said.


Whatever the outcome, this is an activity that a lot of Sierra students and staff really enjoy each year.


“I thought that it went really well, and everyone had a lot of fun with the song and dances,” Taylor Black said.