Thanksgiving Hunt for Gobbles the Invisible Turkey

Thanksgiving Hunt for Gobbles the Invisible Turkey

Georgia Moran, Editor

There is currently a Thanksgiving hunt going on throughout the school for Gobbles the Invisible Turkey. Student Council is giving announcements over the speakers every morning giving clues as to where he might be. 

Some of the clues so far have been: Gobbles has an amzing view in the morning, he can see red bricks from his hiding spot, he has no team in particular, he loves to read but the library is too crowded, and he is inside the school.

If you think you know where he is, you can scan the QR code on the posters in the hallway and submit your answer. There will be a prize for the students who guess correctly.

Can you find out where Gobbles is? Be sure to submit your answer in the next two days, when the submissions will be closed.