Torreys Peak End-of-Semester Social Studies Project

Madison Nesti, Staff

As of Monday December 2, Torreys Peak social studies class has started an end of semester project that sums up what we have learned about colonists coming to the Americas and the American Revolution.

For this project, Torreys Peak students have to design a quilt that represents life in colonial society, slavery in the colonies, events leading to the revolution, and the war for independence. There will be a total of four sections and each section must be comparing different perspectives of the four topics. The perspectives that you can choose from are the African Americans, Loyalists, Neutralists, Patriots, Native Americans, and The English.

“For one of our sections, we are comparing the loyalists and the patriots. I think we are doing good on our project and going to get it done because we are working hard and being creative,” Mairi Hayward said. 

Since this project is being done to show what you know, it is worth twice as much as a normal assignment for your grade in the grade book. “In the grade book, the grades are scaled between 1 and 4. A normal assignment would be worth one point but this project is worth twice the points” Alyse Rzodkiewicz said. 

Although this assignment is about being creative and showing your learning, there are certain requirements that need to go into the quilt. According to the “Creating a Quilt About Colonial Life and the American Revolution” planning packet, your quilt must contain at least five of the 9 visual elements: A decorative border, illustrations, quotes, symbols, poems, maps, cut-out pictures, timelines, and tracings.