The Giving Tree Fundraiser

Madelyn Crosby, Staff

At Sierra Middle School The Giving Tree fundraiser is being hosted. It is a fundraiser that raises money for families in need during the holidays. Sierra Middle School students can donate money from the 2nd to the 19th of December. Each team is assigned two families to donate towards. 

Meghan Quirk (Dr.Quirk) said that the idea of the fundraiser came from the article,“5 Ways Giving Is Good for You,” by Jill Suttie and Jason Marsh. Dr.Quirk also said that the fundraiser is a great one because any kind of giving is good.

Each seventh and eighth grade team is donating to four families in need. That means that Sierra is going to be collecting money for 16 total families. Students can give money to their team teachers, which will then be donated to the families. All money donations are excepted. Students can donate as much or as little money as they would like.  

“I think the fundraiser is a great way for students to get involved in their school in a positive way,” Malea Yoxsimer said. Malea Yoxsimer is a student council member that helped organize the fundraiser. 

The fundraiser money will help purchase gift cards that the families in need can then use to buy food, presents, and anything else that they might need. The fundraiser is a way for students to give to those in need, especially during the holidays and the season of giving. 

Brittani Gourley said that the fundraisers purpose is to spread the joy of the holidays, and ease the stress of the holidays for some parents so that they can have better relationships with their children.  

Posters are hanging around the school if students need more information about the Giving Tree fundraiser.