Thescon 2019

Georgia Moran, Editor

Some of Sierra’s thespian troupe went on their annual trip to Thescon at the Denver Convention Center last Thursday, December 12.

The troupe took the lightrail to Denver early in the morning. There were twelve members at the convention and they all split up to go to the first session. There was a wide variety of sessions throughout the day, such as Broadway Dance, Tech Challenge, Sing and Move It, and many more.

“This was a new experience. I had never gone with such a fantastic group before. We had so much fun,” Natalie Beaumont said. 

Three members, Tessa McQueen, Shannon Reilly, and Natalie Beaumont all performed songs at Individual Event sessions while the rest of the troupe watched. They performed the songs ‘Alyssa Greene,’ ‘Everlasting,’ and ‘Dead Mom.’ They all ended up making it to National Championships for their performances.

“I liked the individual events because it was fun to see people from other schools and to perform,” Beaumont said.

At the second part of the trip, everyone at the convention headed to the auditorium to watch students perform their IE, which were cut short. Two schools competed in a tech challenge showdown, the winning school being Cimmaron Middle School. The last thing they did at the convention was they saw a production of Matilda performed by Rifle High School.

“Thescon was amazing! Everyone was really supportive and really excited. During one of my workshops I learned a dance and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We couldn’t stop talking about Thescon the next day,” Audrey Lawrence said.

To end the day, the troupe went to Starbucks and headed back to the lightrail station.