Healthy Activities Night


This is the photobooth. It was located at the main entrance of the school

Wyatt Hartmann, Staff

On Thursday January 23rd, from 4:30 p.m to 6:30 p.m some students and their families at Sierra Middle School participated in a series of healthy activities during Healthy Activities Night. The event was run by Sources of Strength members and teachers that promote student health.

The purpose of Healthy Activities Night was to show that there are a lot of healthy activities the students and their families can enjoy.

“The purpose is to help students and their families understand all the activities they can enjoy,” said Dr. Meghan Quirk. 

The healthy activities chosen were basketball, volleyball, making stress balls, origami, making bath bombs, a smoothie station, a prize stand, yoga, making glitter jars, coloring and Remi the therapy dog. 

“There are lots of healthy activities to chose from and we narrowed them down,” said Everett Olsen.