Chaparral Feeder Choir Concert

Chaparral Feeder Choir Concert

Brooke Hudson, Editor

Sierra Middle School hosted the annual Chaparral Feeder Area Concert at 6:30 pm on Thursday, January 30th. 

“We have worked very hard, working on songs and getting the gym ready for the concert,” Isabelle Ryan said. 

Every year Sierra, Chaparral, Pine Lane, Mammoth Heights, Prairie Crossing, and Pine Grove Choir’s all get together for one big concert. This year, Sierra’s Choir sang two songs at the concert. The concert was held in the gym where all of the elementary school sat on the bleachers while Sierra and Chaparral took the risers.To start of the concert Sierra’s Choir sang “Seize the Day” from the musical Newsies. After Sierra opened the concert it was the elementary choir’s turn to sing. All of the elementary schools were attending the concert. Next, Sierra sang their second song which is “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen.

“I am super excited for the concert. I think the songs we’re singing will turn out to be great,” Ryan said.  

Next, it was Chaparral’s turn to sing. The Vocal Explosion Group attended the concert which is said to be their advanced choir. Here they sang some acapella and improv. All of Chaparral’s choirs sang “Into the Unknown” from Frozen 2. Also joining the concert was Chaparral’s cast of their upcoming musical Matilda. Where they sang a song from the upcoming musical.To end the concert, all of the schools sang “America the Beautiful.” In which all the schools sand a different verse and all together sand the ending.