Torrey’s Peak Health Project


Angelina Moschetti adding information to her tri-fold

Madison Nesti, Staff

As of January 31, Kendall Prociks health class for Torreys Peak at Sierra Middle School is composing a mental health project to present to the other two eighth grade health classes. The students can pick their own groups from 2-4 people and they get to choose which topic of mental health to research and present about.

While other classes may be presenting online, the rules for Torreys Peak are different. Students on Torreys Peak cannot present using online sources, and have to present on paper, a poster board/ trifold, or a non-online resource. There must also be an activity included with the presentation, which can include candy as a motivation for students to participate in answering the questions. Procik said that presentations that aren’t online take more hard work, time, and team work to put together than an online presentation does. 

“This project is helping me learn more about my topic, Autism Spectrum Disorder, because I had to do research so that I could put the whole project together,” Angelina Moschetti said. 

There are many mental illnesses to pick from and present. Some examples of them are Schizophrenia, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Anxiety, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Presenting mental health disorders requires research and teamwork. It can also help you acquire more knowledge about the illness.

“Most school projects can be really boring, especially when I can’t pick my partners. But I like this project because I can have fun with my friends and still get work done,” Ruby Booze said.

This project is scheduled to be presented on Monday, February 10. The grade that comes with the final product of the project is very important. The key components that contribute to the grade are completion, information contributed, work ethic, organizational skills, and teamwork. Work ethic, completion, creativity, and teamwork would fall under your work habits grade. Information contributed and organizational skills would fall under a content knowledge grade because false information is not going to give anyone a better understanding of the topic. “I have a good grade for this class but i’m still going to put in my best effort because I don’t want my work habits grade to drop for not contributing,” Mairi Hayward said.