Castle Peak Math Project


Emma Galesic, Editor

At Sierra middle school, the eighth-grade team, Castle Peak, has been working on a math project to review what they have learned throughout the year that started at the beginning of the year and ending in March. They are creating presentations about each element that they re going to present to their parents and classmates.

Because these eighth graders are reviewing what they have learned from earlier in the year, it improves their comprehension to past information, and their memory, so that they will be able to better understand the material.

“The most important part of the project is that it helps the kids remember what they have learned throughout the year. Students will tent to learn a part, and then forget it, and then learn another part and understand it, and then forget it,” said Jeff Maupin, the eighth grade Castle Peak math teacher.

The reason for doing the math project in the first place was for the students to review what they have learned earlier in the year. It also helps by them figuring out what they need help with and what to practice.

Maupin also said that he started doing the project last year, after his son, in the third grade, did a huge project that required a lot of hard work and dedication to understand the information. Maupin thought that if a third-grader could do something with that much work then why can’t an eighth-grader.

Along with the extra practice and research, by presenting the information to their parents or someone that they care about, it adds a whole nother extent to the project and makes the students to a better job on it. 

“I have kids present before their parents, and when they present before their parents they will do a better job on the project. Some kids will just skate along thinking that all it will do is affect their grade, but when they do it in front of someone they care about, it is a very different story,” said Maupin.