National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony


The image above shows the National Junior Honor Society Banner that was displayed at the Induction Ceremony.

Madelyn Crosby, Staff

On February 18th, 2020 a 7th grade National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) induction ceremony was conducted. NJHS is a club that students can be accepted into. NJHS gives students the opportunity to give back to their community. 

NJHS is run by Neana Lueck (Colorado Rivers language arts teacher) and Mariah Miller (Colorado Rivers math teacher). NJHS has an eight grade president (Madison Neale), vice president (Devin Ewald), secretary (Avery Hilton), treasurer (Lauren Treiber), and a historian/activities director (Aidan Jacobs). There are five main characteristics that an NJHS member has to have. Leadership, citizenship, character, scholarship, and service are the five NJHS pillars. 

In order to get accepted into NJHS students must have a 3.7 GPA or higher. Students had to submit an application and they had to have two teacher recommendations, as well. 58 new seventh grade members were accepted. 

NJHS organizes fundraisers, as well. The eight-grade NJHS members have held a box tops fundraiser in hopes of raising $1,000. The eighth-grade NJHS members will use the money that they raise to provide a legacy gift to the school and breakfast for the teachers working at Sierra Middle School.     

“I thought it (NJHS) would be a fun and exciting experience. I also really wanted to give back to our community,” Addison Landgren said. Landgren is a new seventh-grade NJHS member. 

During the induction ceremony, the new members were accepted into NJHS. The 58 new members were given certificates to recognize their achievement. New NJHS members and their families got to listen to the 8th-grade members as they gave speeches about NJHS and its five pillars. The newest members participated in saying an oath that guarantees that NJHS members will continue to be good citizens. Cake and refreshments were also provided after the ceremony. 

“I enjoyed serving the community. I enjoyed surrounding myself with other people that had similar interests as me,” Emma Crosby said. Crosby was a former member of NJHS at Sierra Middle School.

The image above shows the National Junior Honor Society Banner that was displayed at the Induction Ceremony.