Sierra’s Choir 3rd Quarter Project


Student Tessa rehearsing for her solo performance for the 3rd Quarter Project.

Brooke Hudson, Editor

Sierra Middle School’s Choir has been working on a musical theatre project for all of the third quarter. 

Students started the unit by attending Chaparral’s Theatre Production of Matilda the Musical. The field trip was optional, but most students decided to attend. The students had the option of two different projects. Performing or Composing. The students could either chose work in a group or by themselves. The majority of the students chose to perform in a group. Abby Ballinger said to the whole class “ I love third quarter because it gives everyone a break of rehearsing for concerts, and everyone has an opportunity to do what they  like and be creative.” 

The performing students had to choose a song from a musical. This is Me from The Greatest Showman and Phantom of the Opera from the Broadway Musical Phantom of the Opera we’re just two of the songs students chose to perform. Throughout the project the performing students will fill out evaluations and recordings to show their progress throughout the quarter. The best performances out of the two choir classes will be chosen to perform in the Choirs 4th quarter concert on May 6th and perform at an Elitch Gardens Concert in May. 

“Normally in class, we just rehearse songs for upcoming concerts and I like that better. Because I love trying different music and singing different songs. But instead I have to just stick to the same song” Isabelle Ryan said. Isabelle is a 4th period student who chose to compose a song in a group of three other girls. 

The composers had to pick a song from a musical and had to count rhythm and beats while filling out a packet to show what they know. After they completed the packet the kids had to use a program called Noteflight and Soundtrap to develop their song. The students had to write lyrics and music to their song. The students had to write a song for a specific musical already existed and, choose what character(s) would perform the song. For example in Choir’s 4th period class, a group of three composers decided to write a song for Peter Pan. The character singing the song would be Tinkerbell. The songs composed  had to be at least eight measures long. All of the projects are due on Friday, March 13th.