Virtual Spirit Week


This is the Padlet for Sierra’s first day of Virtual Spirit Week. Students posted their 80’s themed outfits or a reenactment of an old photo.

Madelyn Crosby, Staff

Remote learning hasn’t kept Sierra Middle School from showing their spirit! The students at Sierra Middle School participated in a virtual spirit week from April 13th to April 17th. Students posted pictures to a Padlet to show off their spirit. Doing online spirit weeks not only keeps students involved with their school, but it is a way to have fun without endangering anyone. 

For spirit week, students took pictures of themselves and then posted the picture on Padlet for all their peers to see. On Monday, students were asked to post pictures of them in an 80’s inspired outfit or of them recreating a childhood photo. On Tuesday, students posted pictures of their crazy hair or of them making a TikTok. Dressing wacky or posting a picture of your pet was Wednesday’s task, and on Thursday students dressed up as teachers and posted pictures of their at-home classroom. On Friday students attached pictures of them wearing Tie-Dye or of their chalk art to the Padlet. 

“Spirit Week was pretty cool! I liked seeing people I knew showing off their spirit,” Keely Simmons, a 7th grader on team Colorado River, said. 

Every day the person on each team with the most likes on their photo was entered in a quarantine cash raffle. All six of the 7th and 8th grade teams participated in the virtual spirit week. 

“I loved spirit week! I felt like it was a great way for students to have fun while they are stuck at home and also see their friends in fun pictures. I think that it benefited students. Participating was fun, but even the people who didn’t participate got to see the pictures and vote for their favorite. Overall, it was very fun and good for the school,” Malea Yosximer, a 7th grader, said. 

The 5 day virtual spirit week was a great way for students to have fun while stuck in quarantine but also see their friends in funny photos. Virtual Spirit Week will continue in the weeks to come. For Example, students will be posting pictures if their Star Wars style on May 4th.