Castle Peak Work Recovery

Madelyn Crosby, Editor

Castle Peak teachers have decided to start giving students Work Recovery. Work Recovery is when students are asked to stay after school from 2:50-3:20 p.m. to complete missing classwork or homework.


“I think it will be beneficial for students because it will help them get their stuff together and realize that late and missing work is not something to mess around with,” Olivia Jahner, a Castle Peak student, said. 


Work Recovery will be a way for students to make up work without having to deal with distractions that might pose an issue at home. Many students have pets, siblings, or other things going on inside their homes that can make it hard to focus and get homework done.  


“I like the way work recovery is set up. I think it is a great support to help students get work completed with teacher assistance at school,” Lindsey Goodman, Castle Peak’s History teacher, said.


Work Recovery also allows students to ask questions and get help from teachers if they need to. Students may not have time to ask a lot of questions in class, so having the time to ask questions during Work Recovery may be helpful for students.