The Sierra Video Game Club

Nicholas Mennenoh, Staff

The Sierra Video Game Club is a new club started by News Crew and Yearbook. You could have heard of it from the announcements or saw the posters up in the halls. If you want to join the club get the google classroom code and join the “Sierra Eagles Video Game Club” Discord server.

The google classroom has Among us codes and it has the official discord server info. There are lots of conversations going on right now about what games people are going to play and when they will play.

“The games we are going to be playing are games that you will have to coordinate with each other but competing with each other. Right now over 80 students have joined the club. Everyone in the club will have the opportunity to play games with each other and our hope is to later on in the school year is to compete with other schools,” Jed Palmer said.

Most students will play ‘Among Us” or “Fortnite” in this club and then you can join and play with other students. This club is run by Jed Palmer and if you need to talk to him about any questions or concerns he is in room 707.

The google classroom will have a form for you to fill out to show your discord name so before you join the discord fill out this form.