Sources of Strength Generosity Campaign

Elie Yates, Editor

Sources of Strength’s Generosity Campaign is beginning to take place here at Sierra throughout the rest of October and the beginning of November.

Students will each receive a puzzle piece sticky note and be asked to write a generic compliment that could apply to anyone. No names or specific groups will be written on the notes, just compliments designed to bring a little light to a student’s day. These sticky notes will then be taken and made into a mural by the front office, symbolizing how we are all connected and supporting each other. 

“I am really excited for students to see our next campaign that is happening. Every student gets to write a positive message on a sticky note, and then we are going to connect them to make a mural. I think that it will be a great way to campaign generosity and spread joy around our school and community. Whether it is a compliment or a kind act, generosity has the power to make someone smile. Generosity is really important right now because it allows us to find joy in these tough times,” Ella Olsen said. 

The goal of generosity month is to teach students how to use generosity as a strength. Having strengths are important in life because they can help you deal with rough patches, and the more strengths you have the more likely you are to succeed at getting through it. The Sources wheel is filled with different strengths, and generosity is only one of them. 

“I would say that generosity and kindness has the potential to transform a student’s middle school experience. The way we treat ourselves and others through the things we say truly does have a lasting impact hopefully in a positive way. This is true not only in middle school but in life,” Ms. Anderson said.