Madelyn Crosby, Editor


BookDash is a service that gives students the opportunity to check out library books in the safest way possible. Students can check out books online and get them delivered to them when they are in school.


“I would rather students were able to come to the library at any time to check out their books but this is a good alternative. It still allows books to be checked out, which is always a good thing,” Stephanie Meurer said. 


BookDash is available to all students who want to check out books. Students can check out a maximum of three books. These books can only be kept for two weeks before they must be returned or renewed. 


“I think it is a great, safe resource for students who want books but aren’t able to go into the library because of covid,” Elie Yates said.  


If students want to check out books they need to go to and log in using their Gmail accounts. They can then place holds on any books that they want. Mrs. Meurer, the school librarian, will then deliver the books to students while they are in class. There is a cart in front of the library that students can return their books to.


On the Destiny Online catalog, students can check out not only physical copies of books but also ebooks and audiobooks.