Sierra Going Back To School Full Time

Madelyn Crosby, Editor

All of Sierra Middle School went to remote learning on April 9 along with Mountain Vista High School, Castle View High School, and Rocky Heights Middle School. After two weeks of at-home learning, students are able to return to the building on April 23. 

Lindsey Goodman, the history teacher on team Castle Peak, said that maintaining student’s attention and creating engaging lessons online can be challenging. She also said that being full in person can cause attendance issues when students get quarantined. 

In order to teach online, students and teachers have been using Google Meet. Students have been required to log in for every class to get instructions from their teachers. First period starts at 7:40 a.m. Classes last for 45 minutes each with 10 minute breaks in between each class. Students get a 30 minute lunch break at 11:10. The last google meet ends at 2:15. From 2:15-2:45 is student support time. This is time when students can meet on Google Meets with their teachers individually to get extra help. We will be returning to a normal schedule when we are back full time. 

According to Keely Simmons, an 8th grader on team Challenger Point, online learning can be hard because students cannot talk or hangout with their friends. Having to do google meets for 45 minutes can be hard, but it is made even more challenging because students cannot go directly to their teachers to ask questions.

When we return to the building, all personnel will be required to wear masks. We must also try to social distance when we can. Students and teachers should try to remember to wash their hands frequently and disinfect commonly touched items and surfaces. Students will have the option to stay online, but most students will be in the building.